Investigación, consultoría y entrenamiento en Psicología Industrial para America Latina.

Chilean psychology and chilean masonry against Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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This is the presentation of a case that represents trickery and manipulation against science and improving the standards of psychology as a science in Chile and Latin America. Many countries have been updated and are accepting new higher standards, and are growing it. But in Chile, in particular, there is ignorance and presumption on the use of industrial psychology, which has been manipulated by crafty individuals and institutions.
Alexander uses denounces to improve criteria.


“The Masonry and the Psychologists Freemasons, against the Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Chile ”. 

 (Not all of them, of course... But common responsabilities by some of them and their ignorance and pathologies of power, are inserted in mutual responsability veins)
Psychological ultraviolence


This is a missive sent to the Committee of Ethics of APA (American Psychological Association, sent in 2003), to the Executive Committee of SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 14 Div. APA), to the Committee of Professional Practice of SIOP, to the community Jesuit of United States, to the president of the University of Fordham and others.  

This is an antecedent to be considered by I-O professionals, students and institutions, because are exposed the real obstacles that some groups of power present to the development of the science in countries of the third world. The manipulation, ignorance and the insistent of inferior approaches, they are broadly demonstrated. The described situation is a precedent from the lack of respect to the science and the man's development at the present time.


Dear Directive gentlemen SIOP AND APA, I write to you now, not to be so proud as to only mention some particular interests, for many of you, this will be my last letter, it is important to read carefully, because I will comment here and explicit you, in detail, objectives reasons and my perception on the facts and the causing responsibilities of the final closing of the first program of industrial and organizational psychology (I-O), in Chile and Latin America, approximately in 1990, and to comment you, the main details happened in the own place where the first program was imparted, that is to say, in Copiapó, in the University of Atacama, in Chile, with Fordham University. (Please, I will thank if you excuses my english written mistakes, sometimes through this letter).


Also, this letter objective is directed to you, to keep decently clear, the moral honesty of the cosmopolitan educational transcendence of the University of Fordham , and their contribution to the science and the education in the world.      

It is important to clarify the facts, of some things that have been maintained in absolute silence. According to the truth, the silence is the attitude that tries to reflect wisdom, hiding what really happened but suggesting. But in the educational Chilean life, silence reflects sinister purposes an enormous lack of superior virtues. A mystic traditional universitary attitude that really do not expose superior needs.   

Nothing is more important than the evidence and facts, including in religious faith (note that faith is believing in something with firmly conviction, and that is not seen (but evidence and facts, can be rational and supernatural)): “Must see to believe! “Said St. Tomas de Aquino. Some of you, recently has been surprised by some facts and evidences presented by me, objective evidences that reflects the manipulation, influences and intentional low profile information of our specialization in this latitudes, guided by Chilean psychologists and supposed free thinkers, still in national official organisms and important institutions, trying to assign us, a low profile to our formation and our intervention in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, as Industrial and Organizational Psychology specialists.   

I hope that you will understand that maybe I am a little biased, caused by my local impediments to my growth as professional in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, in this local lands, caused by many people against Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Chile, specially mentioning the two groups of persons that you will see, how they manipulated Industrial and Organizational Psychology program and Fordham’s intervention, in Chile.  After all, I am going to try to be logical, objective and impartial (this part is difficult, but necessary). 


Dear gentlemen, I wanted to mention all this explicitly, after long years of silence and of discreet omission on my part, and on the part of Chilean institutions of superior education and some of their directive. Maybe for respect to the necessity of improvement of the organizational quality of some Chilean institutions of superior education.  Because the lack of mature approaches and their real effect is evident as Chilean educational flaw, and of the negation of a stable institutional development, according to the normal concept of "science", especially of the psychology, is something almost normal here. As well as the effect of this criteria, in the bad professional formation of Chilean university students. All this having as principal cause, the manipulation of interests and groups of power that has enormous social influence through education organizations in the Latin American society and especially in Chile  (I comment you that this criteria fortunately is changing slowly)

This people that, in many cases, pretend to be virtuous, magnanimous, democratic, tolerant, rational and of wide approaches, but that they are really only bitchy manipulators. This people, generally don't possess and maintain sustainable guarantee's of scientific approaches and what is worse, does not have the most minimum respect to the universally of the truth and the science accepted in the world, for the most important organizations. Only defend baccalaureate level, or under graduate university level, and omit graduated level, because, here in Chile, there are just few doctors, and non existent Industrial and Organizational Psychology Doctors, only some related doctors (Social Psychology, and others), who obtained their grade outside Chile. Universities really, recently are carrying and guiding more superior criteria approaches through universal science mode, maybe suggested by our actual president of the nation government (Ricardo Lagos, PhD. 2005; implemented some gradual changes recently). 

I refer, very specifically to the problems generated in the implementation of this first program of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Chile , in the University of Atacama . Chilean traditional university, according to the advice of rectors (implemented already 21 years ago, in 1984 to be precise), according to the standard APA, applied and guided by support of the University of Fordham, and that this problems were generated by interests of groups of power, with influences in Chilean education and Chilean education organizations, that belongs to Chilean Masonry (specifically I refer to psychologists freemasons with influences). Also by the Chilean psychology schools and the influences of other Latin schools, that maintain the structure of psychology, as a professional under graduated "baccalaureate", as to say, under graduated titled and locally licensed of general specialty (with only three areas of mention (not specialization, only with two or three additional workshops and an under graduated final work): Clinical, Lab oral, and Development Psychology, but, that they work as professionals  in all psychology areas).  Please do not tell me that Fordham University should have considered the local variables in their maximum fullness, and as parameter of theoretical and practical science development, because the order of the science is one, and although it changes, it should not be manipulated by inferior entities. As example, the military or religious hierarchy cannot be changed by inferior hierarchical ones.

I have commented to some of you, about the reagent and negative character, of the local attitudes in Chile , with relationship to the Industrial and Organizational Psychology status, and to APA in general, according to international standards of scientific criteria. Especially in relation to the program of Industrial Psychology implemented by the University of Fordham , in Copiapó, Chile . The first one that was constituted according to APA standard, and I also commented  you this negative and antagonistic reactions toward the program of Industrial and Organizational Psychology implemented in Chile, were mainly, on behalf of the schools of Chilean psychologists and of some Chilean groups of power with interests matters in this respect, in their defence to the fatal administration errors of some of their members and with relationship to the program of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, implemented by Fordham University in Copiapó, Chile.  

The reason of Chilean psychologists, to defend their interests is evident, they defend their position of baccalaureate under graduated in psychology with the title and local license of psychologists, in spite of their scarce specialized formation, what transforms them into a deceiving specialists, dedicated to maintain low indexes of development of the science and a clumsy application in the reality, of well digested and very little applied concepts, that reflects, only manipulation of scientific information, without a local validity and reliability demonstration.



But I must add to my previous comment that the genesis of the problem, in the bottom, had to do with internal interests of the University of Atacama, caused by the fatal errors made by some of one directive and the influence of these, through groups and sects of power.    

Therefore, the main topic of this missive is "The coalition of Chilean psychologists who shielded in the Chilean Masonry and bonds with representatives of the Masonry of the University of Atacama (UDA), that destroyed the implementation of the first and only one program of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Latin America", or what is the same thing, the psychologists freemasons versus (V/S) the University Catholic-Jesuit of Fordham and the program of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Chile, implemented by a select group of important professors of the U. Fordham.     

(The first ones, against the principles of the universal science, sustained and supported by the Fordham (Perspective of the science in Latin America : Freemasons v/s Catholics, in the university and science development))


Everything had a good beginning, in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program, implemented in Chile, in the year 1984, with an initial good focus of authorities of the UDA in beginnings of the year 1984, and sharing a vision of development of the specialty of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, in agreement with the science and the standards of the American Psychological Association.     

This motivated to a great quantity of important Chilean professionals to join to the program, as students.  Some of them were professionals of different cities of Chile , and that on the average they were academics of universities, managers, directive and headquarters of the most important companies and universities of Chile . All this, was led then by the initiative of the, vice rector of the university of Atacama (1983 and leaves in the middle of 1984), together (in a good team) with the professors of the university of Fordham .    

In relation to the beginning of the program, was implemented a pre selection of students to this master Industrial and Organizational Psychology program that was summed up with the initial participation of 40 accepted students (that was duplicated in the process of following entrance, but that however they ended up only graduating a dozen, for the reasons that I will indicate in the following paragraphs), arriving to the limit of capacity of the first group of modules.  The first students, among those that I was, were very well motivated with the excellent quality of our professors and North American coordinators, between those were: Mr. Derek Vidler, PhD; Mr. Francis (Frank) Crowley , PhD. Mr. Harold Takooshian, PhD; Mr. Tony DeVito, PhD, and Jay Sexter, a recent ex President of Mercy College.     

As you see, was an excellent team of American professors, with enormous disposition to educate to professionals in a discipline entirely unknown in Chile and in a big part of Latin America . The students, assumed with great dedication their studies that would be prolonged for four or more years, with three and a half years of classes and half additional or more, for their thesis grade. The modality of studies was by semesters and with an intensive regime every three months.   The students of the program came from different latitudes, even foreigners. The modality of classes was of simultaneous translation from English to Spanish, with two Chilean translators, although each student had the obligation of to learn and to manage the advanced english language.  


However, happened changes in the administrative administration of the University of Atacama that included the change or substitution of the vice rector (at the end of the same year 1984), assuming a new vice rector, Mr. Enrique Lillo, a person with professional formation at educational level of secondary education that had ended up being Director of the Professional Technician School.  Dependent school of the University of Atacama, a secondary education school; who also, what differentiated him, was he was the great master lodge, in the hierarchy of the Masonry of the city of Copiapó in Chile, with great influence in the maximum authorities of the University of Atacama. 

However, the new vice-rector did not possess any important superior education, unless for the position that ended up occupying, as product of the informal influence of the Masonry. (The University of Atacama is of freemasons' roots, and the University of Fordham , of Catholic roots. Sew curious, this coalition could have been a magnificent precedent of tolerance and superior rationality, the coalition between a Catholic university and the University of Freemasons ).  But this person, wanted to highlight the obsolete differences between masonry and Catholics, always were his arguments as master of the masonry lodge of Copiapó city. As you knows, masonry consider Catholics as dogmatic and non rational people. Nothing more stupid than that. I am catholic and I am a free thinker too, with deep German and European philosophical education. And I think that masonry is less rational than Catholics. Conclusion? I think that motives of this person, were nothing more than a pathology of power, simply that.

This new vice rector, called Enrique Lillo that had ideas of secondary education administration, found discrepancies with the previous vice-rector's approaches (who after his elimination of the directive position in the UDA, went to study a PhD. in United States and today is already a PhD. graduated), and of his administration perspective and focuses, that produced the generation of negative stereotypes regarding the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program and the educational North Americans of the Fordham University. 

I repeat that I consider that the most influential approaches in the new one and dysfunctional vice rector were product of his pathology of power that appeared when he assumed the new position (and before too, to be more precise, but not proper to be commented here). The directive position of this new one was supported by great quantity of professionals and academic freemasons, of this university, also from the Copiapó Masonry lodge. (Strange dysfunctional leadership, no?).  Later on, some Chilean psychologists from Santiago of Chile (principal Chilean city), also freemasons, were devoted to influence this new vice rector, on the non convenient character for Chile, of a program of Industrial Psychology at master level, that produced an alliance of representatives of the Masonry of the UDA with psychologists Chilean freemasons.   All which were met to the initiative of eliminating the program I-O, those that, from a beginning, they sought to dismember, to disarticulate and to invalidate the program I-O. In intent of to make prevail of the local approaches of Chilean university formation against international approaches of the professional development that optimizes the scientific development of the specialty.


Among them, also collaborated directly, and not underground as the other ones, the Doctor Juana Anguita, Social Psychologist, graduates in the University of Paris, France; who showed herself as expert in organizational topics and of the Industrial Psychology in Chile . Who also possessed a monopoly of consultant organizations that still maintains in business alive, during more than 20 years, in Chile . Therefore, Mrs. Juana Anguita, was professedly aggressive against our professors of the University of Fordham, situation that can be demonstrated by Harold Takooshian, PhD. of the University of Fordham and Mr. Takooshian, is an important person that contributes with very good professionalism, and decent universal criteria, to Industrial and Organizational Psychology in the world.    

Already, counting in the beginning of the second semester of the program, it was mentioned "ad-portas" on the closing of the program, and on the reason that fenced as justification, was that the costs of implementing a program of this nature were very high, and that they could not sustain a program I-O in Chile. However the change of the North American dollar, with relationship to the Chilean currency, was not significant, considering that the North American dollar was to 39 Chilean pesos and up to 45 Chilean pesos, today in day, the North American dollar, is to 650 Chilean pesos. Therefore, it was not a viable argument and it was in fact not very serious.  Exactly the Chilean government of the time (military government) maintained the dollar low, to increase the internal purchase of industrial inputs and to capitalize local business.

Without a doubt, the monetary arguments, were not enough, and the authorities of the University of Atacama, included other Chilean professors in the program that were not of the specialty of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, neither they had experience in matters of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Except for the participation, of Domingo Sanchez, PhD. (passed away) Sociologist; who possessed vast recognition in the United States , for his contribution to the organizational investigation.

Among the new ones educators, the University of Atacama, in particular with recommendation of Mr. Vice rector, Enrique Lillo, integrated to Mr. Isidoro Neves, as educator of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program in UDA, a Chilean psychologist and graduated as Doctor (graduated from Universidad de Chile, clinical psychology grade). Who had irrelevant or any experience in matters of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and that belonged to the Masonry of Santiago of Chile, the same one that now is the director of the school of psychology of the University "The Republic", an University of the Chilean Masonry, in Santiago of Chile.  

Such educator, never had the approval of our North American professors, because he came with other intentions that were exactly to destroy the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program of the University of Atacama (it was really pathetic the impression that we had as the students of the program, because this individual, hid himself in his personal asigned office and didn't share in the most minimum thing with our North American professors, evidencing an enormous lack of social respect).

The reason, I explain and I even denounce with personal arguments, because, with my North American professors, I had an average score qualification of 6.0, in a scale from 1.0 to 7.0, that is to say, I had a score of 8,57 in a scale from 1 to 10, as in the United States, that is to say qualification "A".   However with the professor Isidoro Neves, I had an inferior qualification of 4.8, to the minimum of approval (that was a 5.0, because, we had high approval standards, because the normal minimum of approval in Chile, is of 4.0), in the "Psychology of the Engineering" course (curious, because he didn't have the minimum professional qualification for Psychology of the Engineering, as doctor in clinical psychology). In my thesis work that didn't present significant flaws, I went to claim for the low qualification, because the original score had been erased, and another score had been put, being evidenced the blot of the original one, that is to say, pure and simple manipulation, to the purest Machiavelli style, completely non pedagogic attitude and completely manipulated. 


Then, I began my formal birdcalls and at the end I am as winner, under a subtle mantel of academic concealment (…personal…).  I highlight that professor Isidoro Neves, also had great friendship with the vice rector, Enrique Lillo and other members UDA with who he surely coordinated sinisterly the closing of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program in the UDA.   

The program implemented in Copiapó, closed, in 1988, finishing classes in 1987 the first group, among those that I was.  Now then, the exodus and retirement from the program of a big quantity in students were caused by the changing policies of studies, on the part of the University of Atacama , and to the new administrative rules that impeded to many of us, to continue their studies. Obstacles and more obstacles...    

Among the graduation requirements, was to work in the grade thesis, with a specialist Doctorate in Industrial Psychology, specialists that  Chile did not have in this time, not even today in a significant way. Another obstacle, because our teachers from the Fordham, ended to came to Chile in 1987.   

I joined to study in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program, the year 1984, and finished courses, at the end of the year 1987 and beginnings of 1988, but if you see my graduated date is in 1999; then the university took a long time, more than 10 years in surrendering my professional grade of Magíster in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 10 years I had to wait! In that time, I believe that it could have finished two complete doctorates, because also the program was the most expensive in Chile and South America .   

And what is worse, the vice academic rector of the University of Atacama , Mr. Enrique Lillo, processed me unnecessarily, for that long time, until they decided to close the whole program definitively, and even stopping me without the possibility to graduate. Then, I carried out a threat in writing, directed to the vice rector of the University of  Atacama, mentioning that in the event of not processing my titillation process, I would make a public declaration, for all the abnormal situations that were happening and they had happened in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program in the University of Atacama, their educational ones, their administration and their students. 

After this threat, I had my immediate reincorporation to the program, in the following week. One week after my letter I began my grade steps! And to think that I had to wait previously more than 10 years.  Imagine gentlemen! To wait 11 years of groundless excuses, after a threat of public image, in one week they began me the whole graduation steps.

Therefore, it is evidenced and I denounce, a vexatious and aggressive informal treatment against who writes you, in spite of that which and thanks to my perseverance, I obtained finally my grade of Magíster in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

Additionally, other situations were added that will only mention as a contribution ad-hoc, that is to say, also a former rector (maximum authority) of the University of Atacama was implied in this, because he denied (in a personal interview with me) that still existed the specialty of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (1998).   The own Mr. Mario Meza, in 1997, former-rector of the university of Atacama, told me directly, that he had sent some educators and investigators from the university, to the United States, and that in this country they had being communicated that the Industrial and Organizational Psychology no longer existed any more, and that the old specialty now was called, Organizational Communications. Curious argument, no? And what about SIOP institution with more than 6.000 of SIOP members?  Mmmhhh... What a bigger lie! (So with that example you can imagine the absurd level of manipulation that exists in my country...)  


All this explains the strange later change of name of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program in the UDA, as new "Magíster in Organizational Communications", and this meant the definitive closing of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program in the University of Atacama . Being all hidden one, all manipulated, skilful and sinister, and they tossed the whole earth under the carpet and everything for the manipulation of local interests, their causal ones originated by pathologies of power and ignorance, on the part of some that added to their multiple administration errors, they reflect remarkable deficiencies in the Chilean and Latin university system.   

My knowledge of the causes and the effects, (… personal…).

Through this missive, you will ask yourselves, Which is my objective? Simply the truth. Because if you analyze the situation, I don't win anything, absolutely anything, and I can only lose the little something of anything that I have. 

But I also have other letters under my sleeve, and that they not refer to academic crimes, but are referred to decisions of these university authorities that carry true and real crimes, during the military government in Chile .

These arguments are guided to defend in Chile , the Industrial and Organization Psychology program, implemented by the University of Fordham . And they refer to the anti scientific causes of the closing of the program. Or have more than enough how the ignorance and dogmatism of some others, sick of power, can end a professional program contaminating the roads of the science and the truth.

Thank you very much, and receive my best regards.